Published on December 10, 2023

Zeitgeist and the waves

On November 23, this site turned 20 years old. That is a remarkable amount of time: enough time to start something new, again.

This site, put online when I did nothing but wish I had a place online to experience things, is, in essence, an experiment in itself. It has since turned out to be much, much more: it has given me so much, to speak in sentences. The comments on photographs, photographs that I rarely shared before. And which I continued to take with some constancy. With the site came the first works, unexpected ones. Thanks to this site I met people I would not have met.

It's not just the registry deadline: it's what this tiny site has made happen over these twenty years.

20 years ago it was in the zeitgeist have a site, then it wasn't. Now, that we are recovering from a social hangover (and I say this because I hardly exist on social), the web is coming back. "Small web," someone calls it. I like the idea, because it is of small things that big things are made.

I am no longer what I was 20 years ago: I have become something else, going through paths I did not even imagine. Work-wise, I've been freelancing, leading teams, working for some time on the architecture of complicated software. I was a developer 20 years ago and I am still a developer now. Now I know that you develop better software only if you evolve the people who make the software, and that it takes attunement and synchronicity.

Thank you,! Without you I would not be the same. I think I would do what I do now, but I would look less like me.

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