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Hi. My name is Silvano Stralla, I am a developer. I live in Turin, together with Greta.

For the past decades, I have been developing software and teaching. I am very lucky: I do work that I enjoy doing. For many years I worked as a freelancer, then served as an engineering manager first, and as a software architect later. For the past two years I have been working for DatoCMS as a developer.

I work with web technologies, which I consider an invention comparable to movable type printing. HTML, CSS and Javascript are the second language I know best, but I actually belong to the species of full-stack developers. Back-end side I work and have worked a lot with Ruby, an expressive and versatile language, and my programming language of choice.

I like photography and bicycles, the mountains a little more than the sea, writing, and a lot of traveling.

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I am Silvano Stralla. I am a developer, I like taking photos and riding bikes.
If you want, you can write to me at silvano.stralla at
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