Published on January 24, 2010

Chris Tarantino has done Bruko!

Hey, this post is vintage content. It dates back more than 14 years ago: it may contain outdated and inaccurate information.

A little while ago I discovered his ghetto-tutorials. Which are a godsend in themselves, but if you also factor in the advice dispensed from time to time then Sara Lando's blog is rightfully in the circle of the super-recommended.

And because it was indeed unspeakably cold outside this Saturday night, I signed up for webinar by Chris Tarantino and invested €7.00 in a two-hour photo retouching class with Chris Tarantino working live on one of Sara's photographs, while Doug Nelson was the class host, passing questions to Chris live and highlighting the most interesting moments of the work.

I am really satisfied. For 2 hours I sat there behind Chris' back and watched how he works, what he starts with and what path he follows. At times it was enlightening.

I was really pleased

I drew one conclusion from this: photo editing is a matter of craft - in the etymological sense of manual art - that one can learn more through direct observation of an expert at work than through reading a book, however good it may be. From this point of view, webinars are an exceptional tool.

A face-to-face live lecture would be just as good, but how many photo editing wizards are willing to let you perch on their shoulder for two hours straight?


Mild head trauma

December 17, 2009


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