Published on March 24, 2009

Three bells

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Cynicism on.

I think, deep in my heart, that the three-bell game-like its equivalent three-card game-should be legalised. So that I could find on every street corner, and not just in a few places in the city, a master of the game with his stall, his pole, and the huddle of people around him getting knowingly cheated.

I think, deep in my heart, that if it were legal, a lot of people would be able to play the game.

If it were legal many more people would play, triggering a virtuous circle whereby every player, after being cheated, could teach his friends, relatives and acquaintances that this is pure and simple cheating, which is as old as man on earth.

Evidently too few people have played so far for the word to spread sufficiently.

Cynicism off.



March 10, 2009


Mild head trauma

December 17, 2009

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