Published on January 19, 2009

Back from AgileCamp2009

Hey, this post is vintage content. It dates back more than 15 years ago: it may contain outdated and inaccurate information.

In Lugano, at the headquarters of Sketchin, I spent a great Saturday. And I took home the usual post-barcamp feeling: meeting live people whose digital identity you only know is priceless.

The day unfolded between fast-paced presentations, followed by lively discussions.

I enjoyed the speeches by Luca, Antonio in the afternoon and the tail end of Jacopo's presentation in the morning (someone explain to ViaMichelin that 2 hours from Turin to Lugano is too little).

The discussions continue on the web:

Personally, I took home a few impressions:

  • agile design is possible;
  • the how, well, that's all to be invented;
  • amid the doubts about what the right tools are, the wireframes are one of the few certainties;
  • the idea that "user-tests are the designer's unit-tests" is interesting

I close with compliments on the home-made buffet idea: at how many barcamps have you found biscuits and savoury pies baked at home the day before by your hosts?



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