Published on September 26, 2007

Google Reader and the End of the Internet

Hey, this post is vintage content. It dates back more than 16 years ago: it may contain outdated and inaccurate information.

A few days ago I was reading on Phonkmeister, tumblr of eio, the message warning users of the Google aggregator that they have nothing left to read:

Your reading list has no unread items.

Except that it sounds even better in Italian:

Your reading list has no unread items.


Google Reader provides another way to browse the feeds: one of those little buttons that, put in the browser bar, takes you directly to the permalink of the next unread post (you can find it under Extras in Settings). Very handy.

Only when there are no posts left to read, you are redirected to a page that presents a bleak landscape:

Congratulations. You have reached the end of the Internet.


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