Published on January 18, 2005

Still problems... solved

Hey, this post is vintage content. It dates back more than 19 years ago: it may contain outdated and inaccurate information.

La settimana scorsa ho spedito una email al supporto tecnico della Archos per un problema su un loro prodotto: all’improvviso non riuscivo pi? a scaricare le fotografie dalla compact flash all’hard disk del player.

Ecco il testo:

Sorry Archos,

But I still have problems with your Gmini 220.

I’m still not able to rebuild the internal database using Musicmatch on Windows XP. This is an old problem (I have it from the first day I used the Gmini), but it’s not so important: organizing my songs in folders, I can browse my collection in the way I want. But I can’t use the Gmini database.

Anyway, the main problem is of the latest days, probably from the last software update: I can’t download my CRW files on the Gmini. I use a Canon 10D that saves each image using a THM file and a CRW file. The THM file goes on the Gmini without problem. Every CRW file gives me an error, telling me to contact technical support. And that’s what I’m doing! I tried using different compact flash, before and after formatting the cards, but nothing.

Please, help me! The Gmini is a good product, but the bugs are becoming too much!

Oggi (dopo 6 giorni) ho finalmente ricevuto la risposta:

Dear Customer,

Try with a Jpeg file.

E lo chiamano supporto tecnico

Nell’attesa avevo gi? risolto il secondo problema (non poter scaricare le foto): ? bastato svuotare il player, formattarne l’hard disk e ricaricarne il contenuto. Per il primo (aggiornare il database del player), invece, non vedo soluzioni all’orizzonte!


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