Tokyo when it rains

Tokyo when it rains

How beautiful Tokyo is when it rains! And it rains hard. Perhaps all this beauty are memories emerging, in the form of an image: Tokyo when it rains is a collage of science fiction.

This is where the world of Blade Runner comes from, with cars moving through the air, streets clogged with doors, stairs, windows, and narrow passages that figuring out where they lead is a constant puzzle: everything is an M. C. Escher artwork without the impossible geometries.

When it rains you can clearly see, that science fiction comes from here.

That's where Ghost in the Shell comes from, which they then shot in New Zealand and with its Hong Kong-inspired locations, but, that, too, it seems to me, comes from here.

Then there are the light poles, countless, they are the totems of this world that straddles reality and fantasy: with tangles of cables on them, a skein that unrolls almost shapelessly along all the streets. Transformers are attached to them; they are so close to houses. Almost always, these poles hang, each with its own slope.

There are so many of them, the connections, that the doubt comes that not all of them are really needed: the doubt comes that they have stratified, like the technological eras of communication we are going through.

  • Camera: X-T2
  • Lens: XF18-135mmF3.5-5.6R LM OIS WR
    • 58.9mm
    • ƒ/5.6
    • 1/340s

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