Seen from here, no spleen

Seen from here, no spleen

Says Marco-who knows a lot about it-that lakes have a different spleen from the sea: sea is there-outside, lake is here-inside.

If I say sea, I say open, space, horizon (and thus circle), infinity (and thus circle). If I say lake, on the other hand, I say closed, I speak of the limit, of the inside, of the other side that one sees. I speak of the stomach.

Never been to the lake before. I mean: never been swimming in the lake. My first time was at Orta San Giulio, where there are little beaches and jetties from which to dive. There is the piazza, which smells so much like the 1900s.


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Published on September 4, 2015


Miniatura della fotografia successiva

Published on September 16, 2015

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