That's me!

That's me!

A couple of Saturdays ago, Barcamp 2008 in Turin : Palmasco decides to collect photos of bloggers and, in no uncertain terms, sets up a professional studio in the hammock room of the Circolo dei Lettori.

I, curious as a cat, ask if I can watch the shots. "Of course! In fact: I'll photograph you too!" is his reply. And I am so curious to see him photograph that the idea of being the subject myself completely passes by.

Standing in front of a Canon 5D, f/1.2 lens, I follow Palmasco's suggestions as he shoots during a semi-dialogue with me, while he asks me to fix some points: the screw on the tripod, the 'Canon' inscription on the camera, the diaphragm inside the lens, the buttons of the flash placed further back, under the umbrella reflector. When he spots an expression, the moment when almost everything fits together, he shoots.

The complete series

Of the complete series, those in this photo are the shots that Palmasco sent me because they convinced him. To be honest, they convince me as well.

I thank Palmasco for the experience - which I never would have imagined - and send you to see more shots taken that same afternoon:

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