99 km to Kathmandu

99 km to Kathmandu

I'll start at the end to tell you - or at least try to: those 99 km in Kathmandu we saw on our way back to the capital, after having been wandering around Nepal for a dozen days.

There were seven of us, in a van approved perhaps for five, but when we left Kathmandu we were in fact four almost lonely tourists: the sheet of paper hanging from the windscreen of the vehicle, which crumpled and then peeled off in the rain on the first afternoon of the trip, was in fact labelled only four tourists in rough English. There was one l missing, in fact, and we would have been only four lonely tourists.

We were instead, precisely, 7 of us: Nico, Vale, Teo, Vero, Simo, Dani and yours truly, as beautiful and curious as ever. And Nepal amply repaid our curiosity. With roads that are almost impassable, crammed with... everything, with cities that have grown up seemingly without the slightest regulation, but rather following a kind of chaotic and biological evolution, with rice paddies stuck everywhere at the slightest hint of space available or obtainable even on the steep slopes of lush green mountains.

And then there was the Nepalese city, with its many, many villages, and the Nepalese people, who were all very curious about the city

And then... well, the rest for the next photos, eh?

Ah! I hope you enjoy the repaint at sistrall.co.uk: partial, of course, in the making.


Miniatura della fotografia precedente

Published on April 26, 2007


Miniatura della fotografia successiva

Published on September 7, 2007

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