Etcetera, about and distinguo

Something about me

  • mi chiamo Silvano Stralla;
  • ho 32 anni, 10 dei quali passati a produrre professionalmente web-stuff;
  • sono nato a Dogliani, provincia di Cuneo;
  • su questo sito, un tempo, avrei voluto scrivere di web design, development, web standard, architettura dell’informazione, usabilità, accessibilità anche se, alla fine, ci ho quasi solo pubblicato foto;
  • ha compiuto da poco 6 anni;
  • ora come ora ci sono online 168 foto.
  • è in hosting presso DreamHost ed é gestito mediante un CMS custom realizzato in Ruby on Rails.

Italian or english

If you go through this site you’ll probably find some contents completely written in english, some in italian. You can also find mixed contents. This is my approach to the localization of for now. I’m serious.

Probably it’s not the best way to localize a site, but:

  • writing all the contents in 2 languages means too work for me now;
  • selecting just 1 language is not what I want to do;
  • mixing is often more interesting than separate.

Those are the reasons.

S(c|p)ar(c|s)e thoughts

It’s from details like this that you can spot the geek. Because I’m a geek (sorry). And probably you couldn’t spot it in the same easy way if you see me live. But I’m a geek (you’re warned).


“s(c|p)ar(c|s)e” is a simple regular expression: the strange “(c|p)”, as well as “(c|s)”, syntax says that you can read that strange sequence of characters as “scarce” or “sparse” indifferently. It’s a geeky thing, I know, but you were warned: I’m a geek.

Scarce. Sincerely I think that my thoughts are not so scarse. It’s the overwhelming amount of information that I’m surrounded of that makes me feel in that way. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It’s the impressive quantity of books in any bookstore. It’s the long list of dishes on most menus. The number of CDs in a music shop. The number of TV channel. It’s all this marvellous internet thing, so full of always-increasing content. It’s incredible!

Sparse. In all this profusion, my thoughs are effectively sparse and thinking clearly is something similar to making order into chaos. It’s an interesting thing, it’s beautiful, never so easy. But nonetheless, isolating part of this blob and giving it an understandable form is a gratifying act.

Scarce and sparse are my yin-yang of choice, put in form of regular expression.

You were warned (I’ve told you before): I’m a geek.